Dating owens illinois bottles

Of bottle by 1911, illinois glass had obtained the first of three owens-illinois date codes were always positioned to the right of the logo. Date: 01-03-2003 i have a bottle of special old reserve made in 1917 and bottled in 1932 it was made by the american medicinal spirits company date: 03-03-2003 dear sir, i have a 1944 throw away beer bottle, the first ones made for the public, it has all the war dates on it its made by owens ill bottling co. Bottle collecting has become an increasingly popular hobby among antique lovers in the united states but bottle buff interest isn't confined to historical flasks. Whitall tatum mass-produced special-order prescription bottles for hundreds of pharmacies, such as smith & hodgson in downtown philadelphia, embossed with their names and addresses and also marked wt & co on the base these mostly date from 1875 up to 1900 in 1901 the company name was changed to. This is another sign of a machine-made bottle, dating it to post-1910, but the maker's mark, belonging to owens-illinois glass company, was used from 1929- 1959 this mark is quite common as owens-illinois dominated the glass manufacturing industry in the us during this time period given the. Following are some terms used to identify antique bottles also see dated 1820 -1880 a&dhc - a was later bought out by owens illinois in 1930 a bottle. 2 by 1915, the illinois glass company modernized the glass industry by using bottle machines invented by the owens bottle machine. Manufactured glass jars that feature an embossed maker's symbol often also have a date and location code stamped nearby as with the owens-illinois glass company symbols, a numeral to the right of the diamond symbol indicates a year of manufacture for instance, a 1 indicates 1941, while the joined o and i symbol,.

dating owens illinois bottles The spout style bottle is usually a quart roughly the diameter and height of a owens-illinois-made bottles have a date code to the right of the o-i diamond logo.

If you are an avid beach or sea glass collector, or glass bottle collector, this is a tutorial on how to date glass made by the owens-illinois. Date your glass soft drink & beer bottles this dating engine will estimate the age of your glass bottle based on its various attributes enter each of the following attributes of your bottle if the specific attribute is no known, you can enter unknown, where allowed you must enter all of the attributes for the. 1 present = 1971, the date of toulouse's book, bottle makers and their marks 2 this was not in source: the dating game: owens-illinois glass co by bill.

Owens bottle ring- during the period of 1890 to 1910, micheal owens developed bottles with such markings date from approximately 1910 to 1960 the o i symbol on the bottom is for owens illinois which is the manufacturer of the bottle. Bottles there are four important characteristics for dating bottles: -mold seams - finish types -closures -glass color because bottle-making technology changed over time, it is often possible to determine roughly when example, clorox and owens–illinois) keep archives of this information, and much of it is available on. This chart is for identification and dating of pepsi bottles produced in the bottle manufacturer anchor hocking glass corp glass containers corporation anchor hocking bottle with h superimposed on the anchor mold of any owens- illinois glass co bottle with duraglas dates to post antique and vintage coke.

I wondered the same thing about 1956 vs 1941, but typically on owens-illinois bottles the date code is the rightmost pair of digits not always i looked into it a bit to see if i could narrow down the year based on the proof and the closure but didn't find any definitive info based on period ads gordon's lowered the alcohol. 7oz lonesome pine beverages bottle dated 1952 the aqua glass variation produced by the owens illinois glass company which is why it is proudly stated that this is “a duraglas bottle” on the back i was going to replace this one with the one i found recently however, it is from a different glass maker, and small variations. Results 49 - 96 of 1276 shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for acl soda bottle shop with confidence on ebay.

Dating owens illinois bottles

Dating owens illinois glass i found several bottles they are located dating owens illinois glass the duraglas trademark began in several of the plant numbers.

  • Formed in 1929 after owens glass company merged with illinois glass dating an owens-illinois glass bottle is fairly straight-forward and.
  • Vintage duraglas amber glass bottle - 1950's - some residue inside - as-found condition - no chips or dings - clean outside - ready to enjoy.

Thank you roy phantomd, 8 years ago this is an owens illinois bottle, plant 17 clarion, pennsylvania, 1932-present and the 46 on the right side of the symbol is the date code, makes this a 1946 acl bottle (applied color label) duraglass means it was a better made bottle, and used less glass, as it was a more precisely. How to identify milk bottles, determine their origin, and date the bottles by shape, label duraglas, introduced in 1940, was the trademark owens-illinois glass. The paper label is dated “11/29/1899” (floyd bowers, and brownlee 2006) ( photo courtesy of the owens-illinois, inc archives, mss-200, ward m canaday. Between 191 0 and c 1 990, owens bottle company and owens-illinois glass company made millions of bottles and jars including familiar ones such as 7-up.

dating owens illinois bottles The spout style bottle is usually a quart roughly the diameter and height of a owens-illinois-made bottles have a date code to the right of the o-i diamond logo. dating owens illinois bottles The spout style bottle is usually a quart roughly the diameter and height of a owens-illinois-made bottles have a date code to the right of the o-i diamond logo.
Dating owens illinois bottles
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